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Hand Tuning for Skis and Snowboards

Pricing as follows:

Edge Sharpen:


Hot Wax:


Hot wax & sharpen:


Whether it's a flat tire, bad shifting, or a full tune up and suspension rebuild; bring it by The Gear House.

Pricing as follows:

Safety Check:


Inspect & air tires
Tighten bolts

Inspect frame

Inspect wheels/Tires

Inspect braking

Basic Tune Up:


Adjust all bearings
Basic wheel true
Lube cables, chain, pivots
Adjust/Install brake Pads
Adjust derailleurs
Check bolt torque
Check/inflate tires
Clean frame

Full Tune Up:


(Everything in the Basic +)
In-depth wheel true

Labor for installing parts

Full bike clean

Any other repairs are based on $60 an hour service rate. Please call for a quote.

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